Sku-Scraper Work Flow

How to use all of Sku-Scraper Features To Grow Your eBay Store To $100K a Month

Manage Your Sellers List

Our sellers list has great features to help you manage all your saved sellers. Including Custom tags, History Logs, Saving favorite sellers (to be scraped regularly for new items) and Banning bad sellers from your list forever

Scrape Sellers And Find Good Items

Scrape single or multiple sellers at a once. Set your parameters (You can choose how many times an item should sell in a month in order to be included in the results) and get only the items that are proven to sell, FAST! Save the best items to be listed in your store at your chosen time.

Spider The Best Items To Grow Your Sellers List Even More

Use the spider tool to find all the sellers that are also selling the items you found and save them to your sellers list to be scraped later. The spider tool is the easiest & fastest way to grow your sellers list

List The Item To Your Store

Use our built-in item lister and list all the items you've scraped to your store in seconds! The lister copies all the item details from the original listing you scraped including Title, Item Specifics, Images and Description, Saving you time in the process

Let Our Price Tracker Monitor Your Items For You 

Avoid order canellations and use our built-in monitor to track your items for price and stock changes. The monitor will update your items according to the supplier price and stock

Watch Your Sales Sky Rocket 

When you list in your store items that are proven to sell, using the same title, item specifics, images and then lowering the price a bit, Your sales are bound to grow rapidly. If an items sold multipe time the past month at a certain price, it will sell even better at your undercuted price.


List, List, List!
After you will see the power of Sku-Scraper you would want to keep listing with that method until you get to $100K a month in sales. There are drop shippers doing that with only 500 listings using our method!